Meursault, Y'all is Fantasy Island and Mitchell Museum (4 stars)

Mitchell Museum

Mitchell Museum are a quartet from Glasgow whose gleeful expressions and keyboard rinky-dinkery threaten to spill over into the realms of the cornball, but hold back just enough to ensure they entertain rather than annoy. Both tracks from their debut single, ‘Last Warning’ (very good) and ‘Take the Tongue Out’ (not so good) illustrate two possible futures as either the next Flaming Lips or the next Supernaturals.

YIFI, meanwhile, are a finely-honed band of bluesmen from Falkirk, who start off with a level of righteous swamp-rocking power which promises much, although their set somehow weakens after the stunning first track. Not so Edinburgh’s Meursault, individual veterans of the local scene and collectively the next band-most-likely-to in Edinburgh. Singer Neil Pennycook has the most affecting Caledonian singing voice, and the music is a convergence of folk, electronica and occasionally rousing rock – the size and volume of the crowd who had turned out just for them was justified.

Limbo at Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Thu 29 Jan

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