Sky Larkin (4 stars)

Sky Larkin

With a rip-roaring opening set from acerbic Scots guitar heroes Copy Haho warming the crowd up nicely, Sky Larkin took to the stage without much fanfare.

Playing to a crowd made up of the curious rather than the devoted, the first half of their set had a somewhat tense atmosphere as the rousing choruses and pop hooks fell flat on a crowd still making up their minds.

Obvious from the start however was that Sky Larkin know how to write a great pop song, with lead singer Katie Harkin’s voice as sweet as could be and in welcome opposition to the distortion heavy guitar sound.

A shift to keyboards by Harkin showed that they know how to change things up a little too and it was at this point that the songs became more uplifting and the band loosened up, even when forced to stop in the middle of one song and Harkin having to resort to some nervous chat while a few technical problems were sorted. Apart from that, a stomping, feel-good finale meant Sky Larkin could leave knowing they had won the crowd’s heart.

King Tut’s, Glasgow, Mon 26 Jan

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