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Zoey Van Goey

Zoey Van Goey

Shhh! Zoey Van Goey and My Latest Novel take on the task of performing a live musical interpretation of a classic film in one of the Glasgow Music and Film Festival’s more imaginative events. The Arches, Glasgow, Sun 22 Feb. (Rock & Pop)

Butcher Boy The launch for React or Die, the second album of thoughtful orchestral indie from the man behind Glasgow’s joyous National Pop League. Queen’s Park Bowling & Tennis Club, Glasgow, Sat 21 Feb. (Rock & Pop)

Withered Hand, Mount Analogue and Panda Su A Drive Carefully Records night to showcase the dry wit and raw skill of Scotland’s most compelling folk punk. 13th Note Café, Glasgow, Sat 21 Feb. (Rock & Pop)

Yahweh Expect the sort of lovely ambience reminiscent of The Field for this album launch of one of our latest electronic talents. Mono, Glasgow, Sun 22 Feb. (Rock & Pop)

Bombskare, The Amphetameanies and Big Hand A tremendous triple bill of ska-ness from Scotland’s three most accomplished acts. This is the launch of A Fistful of Dynamite is the new release from Bombskare. Studio, Edinburgh, Fri 27 Feb. (Rock & Pop)

Amadou & Mariam Mali’s most beguiling musical duo bring rich, happy tones to the rather more grey climate of our nation. They will make you smile. The HMV Picture House, Edinburgh, Sat 28 Feb. (Rock & Pop, Folk)

Marmaduke Duke Electro-funk Biffy Clyro side-project. Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Sat 28 Feb. (Rock & Pop)

Franz Ferdinand and The Soft Pack A hometown gig for FF. Maybe you’ve heard of them? Barrowland, Glasgow, Wed 4 Mar. (Rock & Pop)

Butcher Boy

Kitchen sink observations rendered on piano, cello, viola and guitar from this Glasgow indie group.

Franz Ferdinand and The Soft Pack

Over-14s show. The all-conquering, foot-stomping, guitar-jangling foursome return to preview their new album 'Tonight: Franz Ferdinand'.

Yahweh, Esperi, Debutant and Panda Su

Experimental, ambient sounds from Yahweh.

Marmaduke Duke

Electro Biffy Clyro side project, featuring frontman Simon Neill and JP Reid of Sucioperro wearing flamboyant costumes and going by aliases.


My Latest Novel, Zoey Van Goey, Dolby Anol, Holy Mountain and Ben Butler & Mouse Pad explore the links between music and film, each producing new music inspired by a piece of film, with the venue dressed to look like a 1920s film theatre. 'Part of the Glasgow Music & Film Festival.

Withered Hand, Wood Pigeon and de Selby

Acerbic wit and caustic self-loathing from anti-folk artist Withered Hand, joined by kindred spirit Wood Pigeon from Calgary and Alastair Beith of Second Hand Marching Band in solo guise.

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