Baby Loves Disco

Baby Loves Disco

You know you’re doing something right when a TV Dragon wants to invest in you. Better still if you can leave the ‘Den’ with your business still intact and make a success of it on your own. Which is exactly what happened to Naomi Timperley, the UK organiser of Baby Loves Disco, a new clubbing event for parents and children aged 0-7.

Two years after Manchester-based Timperley bought the rights to the American venture, she has branched out to seven cities across Britain, the latest of which is Edinburgh. Featuring a DJ, chill-out corner with toys, free drinks and snacks for kids, a cash bar for parents and demos of local kiddie activities, the three-hour events have proved hugely popular.

Baby Loves Disco’s Scottish host, Lesley Woodall thinks the music has a lot to do with it. ‘It’s very much classic disco from the 70s-90s plus a few current tracks that fit that style,’ she explains. ‘When you’re little you just want something melodic that’s not too loud – it doesn’t need to be ‘Bob the Builder’, it can just as easily be ‘Carwash’. And for the adults, if you’ve come along in the first place you probably want to get up and dance – you just need the right environment to do it.’

Manning the decks at the first Edinburgh date will be Lenny Love, whom a few parents might remember from their pre-kid days. ‘We’re really excited about having Lenny to DJ,’ says Woodall. ‘Because there are bound to be people who went to Disco Inferno in their 20s who are now in their 30s with children. So they’ll have the chance to do it all again in a different way – and share it with their kids.’

Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, Sun 1 Mar

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