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  • 19 February 2009
Craig Hill

Craig Hill There’s a fair chance that this might be a bit camp as the lad Hill glams up our tedious comedic lives. Brunton Theatre, Edinburgh, Sat 21 Feb.

Russell Brand The walking controversy tries to set aside his 08 woes by getting back to what he does best upon the live circuit. Playhouse, Edinburgh, Sun 22 & Mon 23 Feb.

Hairy Watt Comedy Club The young (Daniel Sloss) and not quite so tender (Vladimir McTavish) entertain the future brains of the plutoverse. Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Tue 24 Feb.

How Do I Get Up There? A brand new Scottish sketch troupe who will be making us laugh on the quirky side of our faces. Capitol, Glasgow, Sat 28 Feb.

Craig Hill - 40 Love?

Cheeky, irreverent and, of course, wonderfully camp, Hill's hilarious blend of stand-up and musical comedy has earned him rave reviews.

Russell Brand: The Messiah Complex

The loverfella with the upwardly-mobile hair struts around the world on his first global tour. This time he's looking at the idea of a Messiah Complex and dissecting historical and social figures to psychoanalyse them in his loquacious way. Plus, he'll talk about sex. And maybe the necessity of revolution.

How Do I Get Up There?

The sketch troupe which everyone is terribly excited about put on their funny shoes for the evening.

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