Profile: Tony Vino

Tony Vino

Who’s he then? Tony Vino has been doing comedy since 2005, making the final of the Funny Bones competition a year later against the likes of Wendy Wason and Bethany Black with one Jay Ryan coming out on top. He’s resident compere of Just Fair Laughs, a Fairtrade comedy agency which puts on regular nights across the north of England in pubs, nightclubs and football grounds with the emphasis on socially aware inoffensive fun.

Inoffensive? That’s a bit square, innit? Yet seemingly attractive, given that he put on a month of shows at last year’s Fringe in which comics at the festival came and played a totally clean act. The aim was to provide cutting edge comedy without all the rude bits, the stand-ups using the 12A film guidelines as their benchmark.

How can anyone get a stand-up comic not to curse? Well, the swear box at the front of the stage was to be filled with a 50p on each transgression. And comedians are constantly moaning and whining about losing money during August.

What’s he up to at the Royal Concert Hall? Vino is the comedy turn at the Fair Trade Experience as part of Fairtrade Fortnight. If you want to catch some stand-up without having ‘fecks’ and ‘erses’ ringing in your ears, he’s doing a 45-minute set on both days at 1.45pm.

Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Sat 28 Feb & Sun 1 Mar.

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