Playdoe at Mixed Bizness

Playdoe at Mixed Bizness

Playdoe: that squidgy stuff you tried to eat when you were a kid, or a fresh new electro rap duo from Johannesburg. Either way, it’s great fun. Former scratch champion Sibot and local rapper Spoek are the sound of modern Africa. A raucous mix of funk, grime and old skool hip hop, blasted out the atmosphere by a barrage of high flying electro bleeps and beeps, like a game of Asteroids on acid.

‘I’ve got a strong old skool element in the electro rap style,’ explains Sibot, ‘I like the technical aspect of glitch hop, and I like the song structures of early electro.’ Cruising along the same trails as Spank Rock, Mantronix, Cool Kids and new up-comer Mumdance, Playdoe certainly seem to be making the moves towards the fast lane and their busy schedule doesn’t leave much time for recording. ‘We tend to do a lot on the fly, I usually make a home video of myself playing the drums and I try to get across how Spoek should rap, he then makes a video of himself rapping telling me how to rap.’

The self-styled Afrosonic technocraft is due for touch down in front of the savvy Mixed Bizness kids for what is sure to be a well matched encounter and one the boys are looking forward to: ‘I have so much fun in Scotland. Last time we were there we played on a beach and the locals burnt all the furniture. We can’t wait.’ (Richie Meldrum)

Mixed Bizness at the Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Thu 5 Mar

Mixed Bizness

Cutting edge underground beats and classic dancefloor gems from resident Boom Monk Ben and rotating residents.

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