Robbie Morrison & Henry Flint - Shakara: The Avenger (3 stars)

Shakara: The Avenger



You certainly could never accuse writer Robbie Morrison of not starting Shakara on a grand scale, what with the obliteration of Earth in the very first panel and the last ever human being dead by the end of page three. Culled from the pages of the 'galaxy's greatest comic' 2000AD, Shakara is a huge, bloodthirsty story of revenge played out across the universe as alien races are destroyed, decapitated and lazered by the seemingly indestructible eponymous avenging angel.

And while the action is cosmic in scope, it's hard to find anything to latch onto with Shakara's blank personality. although this does improve as the series progresses. Henry Flint's frenetic art recalls Kevin O'Neill, particularly his work on Metalzoic and Nemesis the Warlock. The wholesale destruction is fairly entertaining in its own right, but Shakara needs more depth to really grab the reader.

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