Jessica Simpson's ripped pants confession

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 16 February 2009
Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson's ripped pants confession

US singer Jessica Simpson says she's ripped her pants "every time" she's performed at New York's Madison Square Garden

Jessica Simpson has ripped her pants "every time" she's performed at Madison Square Garden.

The US singer has now taken to wearing a "skort" to prevent the embarrassing problem happening again.

Speaking ahead of a show in New York show last week, Jessica said: "Every time I've performed at Madison Square Garden, my pants have completely ripped in half.

"I decided to wear a little 'skort' - not a skirt, but some shorts just so they wouldn't split."

Although Jessica avoided another wardrobe malfunction at her Valentine's Day show in Rochester, New York, on Saturday (14.02.09) she did mess up when she dedicated a song to her boyfriend.

Introducing 'You're my Sunday', a song she wrote for Tony Romo, she said: "I'm celebrating the life I'm living right now. Somebody came into my life and made me see myself in the best mirror possible, so I wrote this song for her."

Jessica then joked she meant she'd written the song for her dog, Daisy before looking to Tony and saying: "Sorry, baby. This song's for you."

Before launching into her hit 'Do You Know' she also told the crowd: "This song makes me want to suck face. I love kissing. With the right lips, of course."

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