Bob Geldof's internet shock

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  • 12 February 2009
Bob Geldof

Bob Geldof's internet shock

Bob Geldof only learned of his daughter Peaches' divorce from US musician Max Drummey via the internet

Bob Geldof learned of his daughter Peaches' divorce via the internet.

Peaches' father - who was furious last year after the 19-year-old blonde eloped to Las Vegas and married US musician Max Drummey - was gob smacked to discover their separation only after it was posted online.

A source said: "The first he heard about the divorce was when his eldest daughter Fifi read about it online and rang him to let him know it was all over the net. He went on the computer to see for himself.

"Bob no idea the issues between Peaches and Max had got so bad."

Another friend claimed the marriage had effectively been over since Christmas after Max, 24, tired of Peaches' lifestyle.

A source said: "Max moved out of their place several weeks ago, with Peaches moving a female pal in.

"They had a series of blazing rows in December, mainly over Peaches' constant partying. His friends never took to her, which meant they spent less and less time going out together."

Meanwhile, to get over her split, Peaches - who moved to the US to be with her husband - has reportedly gone on holiday.

A source added: "Peaches has taken herself off on a personal detox break. She wants to start looking after herself properly. This means no drinking, more exercise and healthy eating - basically some clean living."

The statement announcing the end of Peaches and Max's union was released last weekend, saying: "After much soul-searching we have made a mutual decision to end our marriage and have agreed to go our separate ways."

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