Exposure: Roses Kings Castles

Exposure: Roses Kings Castles

Roses Kings Castles: Sparkling Boots

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Roses Kings Castles - brought to you by Adam Ficek. Recognise the name? Adam is also the drummer with a little know band called Babyshambles. Roses Kings Castles is Adam’s solo project that allows him to explore his own musicality and stretch his lyrical legs. And the result? Something quite wonderful - a breath of acoustic fresh air in fact. He’s just completed a UK tour but will be back, both with RKC and Babyshambles. Be sure to keep a look out - Roses Kings Castles, Adam Ficek, names to remember.

We know about Adam the drummer, what about Adam the man, the musician?

I like to keep my self to my self really, not that into the celebrity-endorsed lifestyle all the kids yearn for these days. Musically, I love playing the Piano, especially Bartok and Debussy. I also love good pop music mainly older stuff, not the mainstream manufactured lollipop 'pop' of today but the classics... Apart from the drumming of stuff, I do like to mess around with the old guitar, it keeps me sane and I use it as my main source for writing Roses stuff.

The album artwork seems inspired by where you grew up (Milton Keynes) how much did that life inspire the album?

You think so? Well it’s all subjective really, it should mean something to you, I hope. I think places that you spend lots of time in will always influence your life, there's no hiding.

We all know about Pete's lyrical prowess, has working with him inspired you or are you just a natural talent too?

I'm influenced by everyone I work with, I've been working with Graham Coxon for the past few days and I'm coming up with all sorts of Graham-esque of stuff. I'm not a natural, I have worked very hard.

How did your recent Roses Kings Castle UK tour go? How was it touring without the Babyshambles?

It was quite difficult but I needed to do it - it really was hard work at times. Some of the venues were too big and promoted wrongly. But I got through and met lots of good people. I will definitely do it again but will give the venues more thought. It was a little lonely at times without the band, and it made me want to get back with the band again - it was a real refreshing experience.

Any plans for another tour?

Yes of course, I can't stop now. It's just hard to fit it around Babyshambles stuff...constant juggling, but it's great.

You've just started rehearsals with Babyshambles, how was it to be back together again?

Amazing, everyone has had the chance to do a little solo creativity so it all feels really fresh.

You guys have quite a few festival appearances this summer; can we hope for the chance of you taking the spotlight for a few RKC numbers?

Not on a Babyshambles show but I have a few of my own booked, only small low-key things. I don't want the RKC thing to get to big and ugly.

How's working coming along for your next Roses Kings Castles EP - Apples and Engines?

The songs are all there I just need to find a studio to do it in. I have such little time! And so many songs!

Finally, on the Babyshambles front, are there any plans for new material and will you work an element of RKC into it?

I played Peter some of my songs so we'll see if he wants to take them for Babyshambles - which I'm more than happy to do.


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