Exposure: Boycotts

Exposure: Boycotts

Boycotts: Luella and Lies

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Through circumstance, Charles Boycott unwittingly gave birth the term as the result of Irish land reform policies. Nearly 130 years later, his name is lent to something much more thrilling. Josef K, Hardcore Dave and Dragon provide the exciting playground of music for highly accomplished and irrepressible firecracker Stina Twee’s lead vocals. This Glasgow band is sure to enthral and delight you – with the odd cheeky slap to keep you interested. Introducing - Boycotts.

Still less than a year old, tell us a bit more about yourselves?

Well, we started writing songs together in April last year and then played them live for the first time at the end of June. Since then we have just been trying to play a lot of gigs and tell different people about our music. In the summer we are doing a small Scottish tour with our friends The King Hats. We always try and make our live-shows fun, if we are enjoying it there's more chance of everybody else enjoying it.

Reflecting back on this first year, any particular highlights?

One particular highlight was our first gig at King Tut's. It was something that we had really wanted to do when we started the band and then we managed to achieve much more quickly than we had expected. Our two gigs at The Art School and our Socks Off shows at The Classic Grand and The Barfly were also great nights.

Congratulations on being named runners up in the King Tut's 'Your Sound' event. How was it for you?

It's a great experience. You get to meet a lot of people who know a lot more about the industry than you do and you take away a lot. It's also a great opportunity to meet other bands and to learn from their experiences. Being one of the runners up was quite a surprise as it was the first time we had been played at ‘Your Sound’ and the other bands being played were all really good.

You're currently recording at Chem19, how's that going?

It's going really well. We have the music and guide vocal down for two songs, which we are going back to finish on the 22nd of February. It's been great working with Andy Miller, he really pushed us to get the best out of the time we had there. For those who don't know we have been given the opportunity to go to Chem19 by Mark Goldinger, who has set up a company called What If Music, which is a partnership with Sony to help bands/artists develop at an early stage in their career.

On March 18th you're playing The Mill at Oran Mor. What do you say to the people out there to get them through the door? (Other than that it's free)

This is going to be our biggest gig so far. It's the biggest venue we will have played in, we are playing our first 40 minute set and we will be getting filmed for the first time. Because The Mill has become such a big deal in Scotland we as a band are going to make a big deal out of it. Expect some new songs to be mixed in with the ones you have already heard.

If you were to start a boycott right now - what would it be of?



Boycotts play Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, 12 Feb; The Doghouse, Dundee, 20 Feb; Captains Rest, Glasgow, 23 Feb; Cape, Stirling, 15 Mar; Oran Mor, Glasgow,18 Mar.

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