Interview - Katrina Brown

  • The List
  • 13 March 2007

Alexander Kennedy talks to Katrina Brown, who returns to Glasgow with The Common Guild, after nine successful years as curator and deputy director at Dundee Contemporary Arts

Alexander Kennedy Why did you become involved with The Common Guild?

Katrina Brown I was attracted to it as a new body which could take a new form and which had ambitious aims for the work it will seek to undertake and which will maintain an artist-centred practice.

AK Can you describe what the Guild is?

KB The Common Guild is a charitable organisation with a Board. Some of its character and aspirations should be conveyed by its name - a sense of public spirit, shared interest, specialism. It’s more than just an exhibition space.

AK Why do you think the Guild is necessary in Glasgow?

KB I don’t know if necessary is the right word and I hope our work won’t only have impact in or take place in Glasgow. It seems like an important moment just now (with the development of the Glasgow International and so on) and a new organisation, such as The Common Guild, could really help build on that impetus.

AK What are the Guild’s links with The Modern Institute?

KB The Modern Institute helped bring it into being, as a means of maintaining and developing significant, non-commercial public programming activity and it supports it on a basic but important level ?" not least by giving me office space.

AK Why did you decide to launch the Guild’s programme with Martin Creed?

KB I’ve always really loved Martin’s work, the way it fuses a really hardcore rigorous discipline with undoubted humour. As an artist who grew up in Glasgow (he lived here from the age of three), he has an amazing international career but has hardly ever shown here in any significant capacity ?" he seemed like the perfect choice. His performance will be exhilarating, a little terrifying, very funny and totally surprising.

AK What are your plans for the future?

KB Lots. I’m really keen to let the programme shape what people think about what it is, so there will be no big advance marketing campaign, just really high quality, outstanding projects, exhibitions and events.

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