Chiodos - King Tut's, Glasgow, 2nd February 2009 (2 stars)

Chiodos - King Tut's, Glasgow, 2nd February 2009

King Tut's is a little sparse tonight. This is not entirely Chiodos' fault. There's a blizzard outside and this is a 14+ gig on a school night. Perhaps it's the recession to blame? All the signs are all there – opening act Sonny Moore has had his funding pulled by his label. A 30 minute DJ set replaces the full band, with the usual compliment of Justice, Prodigy and Daft Punk shifting a few feet in the crowd. Top marks for effort.

Chiodos get straight down to business with the heaviest cut from newest album 'Bone Palace Pallet'. Imperious and bombastic on record, the Michigan sextet are maestros at stage-borne brutality. Constant and committed touring has blooded them in the art of bringing the noise, and these numbers are best-received tonight.

When turning to the more genteel portions of their repertoire, however, Chiodos falter. Their experiment with grandiose ballads and Queen-esque pomp has paid dividends on record, but too often they fail to fill King Tuts' venerable halls. Perhaps the weather is to blame - but having promised big things, Chiodos sell us a tad short.

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