Chris Martin dismisses marriage trouble

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  • 10 February 2009

Chris Martin dismisses marriage trouble

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has dismissed rumours his marriage to 'Iron Man' actress Gwyneth Paltrow is in trouble

Chris Martin has dismissed rumours his marriage is in trouble.

The Coldplay frontman- who married 'Iron Man' actress Gwyneth Paltrow five years ago- insists their alleged marital problems are "news" to him and he is happy with Gwyneth.

He said: "One week you are divorced, the next week your band has broken up. It's terrible. I'm glad I'm not me. All I can tell you is that. It is news to me."

The couple- who have a four-year-old daughter Apple and son Moses, two- live a private life and despite having many famous friends, they avoid the limelight wherever possible.

When asked why the couple rarely appear in public together, 31-year-old Chris told US TV show '60 Minutes': "It is just the way it feels best."

Gwyneth- who runs her own lifestyle website - recently revealed she is launching a family cookbook titled 'My Father's Daughter', which will highlight the couple's secrets behind running a happy home.

The book's publishers it will feature cooking ideas and "focus on the importance of togetherness at mealtime, emphasising that cooking for your family is the ultimate expression of love."


The anthemic indie quartet continue to steamroller all before them.

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