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Quiet is the new loud. It's an old adage that has once again come to be true, this time via the talents of lovely band exlovers. This London-based troupe make wistful, melody-led guitar pop of the highest order - acoustic guitar hooks and perfect boy-girl harmonies all the way. Note the deliberate lack of capitals in exlovers; there's no need to shout here, especially as the band are already picking up all the tenants of indie success (hot producer, NME tour supporting Pete Doherty) without making too much of a fuss. Lead man Pete Fold sheds some light.

The band is now London-based, but most members come from Devon and Cornwall. Do you think there's a South West strain running through your music?

Yeah I guess so. I was from Cornwall, as was Chris our guitarist, and Laurel [vocalist] was from Devon. We all got into quite similar music so there might be some truth in that connection. I keep meeting people in London who I have things in common with musically, and they all turn out to be from Devon or the South West by some weird coincidence.

You're moving speedily along, with tours supporting first Pete and the Pirates, then Emmy the Great and now Pete Doherty. That's fast work.

It has all moved pretty quickly, considering we've only been an actual working band since June last year. We decided to try and gig as much as possible, going on tour after tour, I think that's why things have moved so quickly.

A nice selling point for your EP is that every one is customised. What do you do to give them the personal touch?

I've done most of the art for the covers myself. One of my friends called Danny Fox is an artist and we sit down and do things together. Sometimes we put an inlay of some of his paintings in the EPs. We try and make each one a bit different. It's a homemade sort of thing.

What's next?

We've got the rest of this tour with Emmy the Great and the NME tour dates later this month. We're going to be releasing our second single on a label called Young and Lost Club around early April. We'll end up doing some more touring around then hopefully.

And an album?

I've been thinking about it quite a lot recently. I'm trying to get the ideas organised in my head. I think there's something nice about an album where all the tracks seem to fit with each other. Not necessarily a theme but a kind of direction. As a band we don't like rushing things. It would probably take us quite a long time in the studio. It's one of the things that I'm looking forward to doing most.

exlovers are on tour with Emmy the Great at King Tuts, Glasgow on Feb 14, Moshulu, Aberdeen on Feb 15 and Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh on Feb 16.


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