Alexa Chung's sibling clothes share

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  • 8 February 2009
Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung's sibling clothes share

British TV presenter Alexa Chung has revealed she used to wear her brother's clothes

Alexa Chung used to wear her brother's clothes.

The 'Frock Me!' presenter hasn't always been so fashion-conscious and wore a combination of second-hand "practical" items until she became more aware of her body and boys.

She said: "My relationship with clothes is a funny thing. Having spent my formative years in a practical combination of jodhpurs, Wellington boots and my brother's hand-me-down jumpers, it wasn't until I discovered boys - and, in turn, vanity - that I became focused on how the jodhpurs flattered my a**e - or not, as the case may be."

Trend-setting Alexa, 25, explained it still took a while for her sense of style to develop fully.

She said: "When I was modelling, it was mandatory to turn up to casting in an incredibly short denim skirt and some cowboy boots. It's weird to think that this was ever an OK look, but at least it provided me with some sort of uniform."

The 'T4' beauty - who has been dating Arctic Monkey's frontman Alex Turner since October 2007 - has given up wearing her brother's wardrobe, instead seeking inspiration from her mother.

The former model added: "Nowadays, I've resorted to doing a rather wooden impression of my mother's wardrobe in the late 80s when she wore denim shirts, Russell and Bromley loafers and satchel bags. Strong look."

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