Mel B not keen on 'skinny' Alba

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  • 7 February 2009
Mel B

Mel B not keen on 'skinny' Alba

Former Spice Girl Mel B thinks Jessica Alba's post-baby body is "too skinny"

Mel B thinks Jessica Alba is "too skinny".

The former Spice Girl - who gave birth to daughter Angel Iris in April 2007 - doesn't feel pressurised to look as thin as other celebrities, and would never resort to dangerous diets to lose weight.

Looking at a picture of Jessica looking svelte just three months after having daughter Honor, Mel said: "God, I didn't do any exercise during my last pregnancy. Jessica looks a bit too skinny if you ask me. I didn't rush back to the gym afterwards because I liked that I was all mushy and cuddly. I've never felt under pressure about the way I look."

The 33-year-old singer - who also has nine-year-old daughter Phoenix-Chi and helps to raise her husband Stephen Belafonte's daughter Giselle - insists she has a sensible attitude towards weight loss, choosing to exercise more if she wants to slim down.

She added to Britain's Glamour magazine: "If I don't like something I'll change it. If my legs don't look great, I'll go running more. If my six-pack vanishes, I'll do more sit-ups. I've got three kids and beautiful houses all over Los Angeles, and there's more to life than obsessing about yourself."

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