Take That's tipsy comeback

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  • 5 February 2009
Take That

Take That's tipsy comeback

Take That decided to reunite in 2005 during a vodka drinking session

Take That were reunited by vodka.

It was always believed the British boy band - Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Howard Donald and Jason Orange - got back together in 2005 after they filmed a TV documentary, but the band have now revealed they got the idea after an evening of drinking.

Mark told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "We only came back to do the 10-year documentary and to talk about what had happened and where we were now. Because of the feedback we got from that, people started saying would we tour again?

"Then one night me, Gary and Howard went out for a drink - and we had a couple of drinks - and we thought, 'We can do it!'

"We were in the bar singing, 'All I do each night is pray... '

"We were a bit drunk and we phoned Jason, I think he was at a wedding, and we said, 'Jay, Jay, we've got this brilliant idea.' "

Songwriter Gary added: "I attribute it to drink."

Take That originally split in 1996 - a year after Robbie Williams left the group - after becoming the most successful boy band in UK history.

Since their reunion they have released two UK number one albums and three UK number one singles.

The band's forthcoming tour, in support of their latest album 'Circus', recently sold a million concert tickets in record time.

Take That

The prototype boy band have re-lit their own fire and returned to cash in those nostalgia dollars, and have proved far more credible than any of us could have imagined. Now reduced to a three-piece as Jason Orange bows out but Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald soldier on.

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