Evangeline Lilly's attendant ambition

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  • 5 February 2009
Evangeline Lily

Evangeline Lilly's attendant ambition

'Lost' actress Evangeline Lilly says she wanted to be a flight attendant when she was younger

Evangeline Lilly wanted to be a flight attendant.

The 'Lost' star dreamed of travelling the world and thought working for an airline would be the perfect way to do it. However, the job didn't quite live up to her expectations.

She said: "I had no money. I was living on tea and peanut butter when I was a university student. I just wanted to travel so desperately that I would have done anything. I did the flight attendant training, which is gruelling and hectic.

"I did the job for one month and then I quit. I hated it so much. I didn't really get to see anywhere - I would go to Germany, and I'd be flying out the next morning. What's the point of that?"

Evangeline is grateful she became an actress because it has allowed her to travel.

She added to movie website Dark Horizons: "Now I can see the world. Last summer, I went to seven different countries on two different sides of the Atlantic, in two different hemispheres, in two months.

"I went to South America, to Argentina and Peru. And I went to Europe. I've also been to Japan and all sorts of other places."

Evangeline already has her next trip mapped out, she explained: "Russia is next on my hit list. I've got to go see Russia. And I'd like to go to southeast Asia."

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