Britney Spears sued by ex-manager

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  • 4 February 2009
Britney Spears

Britney Spears sued by ex-manager

Britney Spears' former manager Sam Lutfi is suing her and her parents Jamie and Lynne Spears for defamation and breach of contract

Britney Spears' former manager is suing her for defamation and breach of contract.

In papers filed at a Los Angeles Court yesterday (03.02.09), Sam Lutfi alleges Britney and her parents Jamie and Lynne Spears - who he is also suing - libelled him, committed battery and caused him intentional emotional distress.

The papers claim: "Jamie and Lynne launched a campaign of lies and intimidation designed to destroy Lutfi and drive him out of Britney's life. This campaign also provided Jamie with the opportunity he needed to obtain an appointment as Britney's conservator.

"Despite seemingly accomplishing their objectives, Jamie and Lynne have nevertheless continued their smear campaign against Lutfi. Thus, having no other alternative, Lutfi brings this action to defend himself against Jamie's and Lynne's persistent attacks."

Jamie became co-conservator of Britney's personal and professional affairs last year, following her public breakdown. While in the position, he banned Lutfi from seeing the 27-year-old singer.

Last week, Jamie and Britney's lawyer Andrew Wallet - who also acts as co-conservator - were granted a new restraining order against Lutfi, after they claimed he was harassing the Spears family.

Lutfi is also claiming his reputation was tarnished by Lynne's tell-all memoir 'Through the Storm', in which she talks about his alleged control over Britney.

The lawsuit says "since the publication of the book, Lutfi has been subjected to unfathomable amounts of ridicule and scorn," and has received "numerous death threats from overzealous fans," the lawsuit reads, adding Lutfi can "no longer find work as a counsellor of at-risk teens".

Lutfi goes on to claim Jamie "punched him in the chest" in January 2008, causing "injury to his nervous system and person".

Jamie reportedly screamed that "Lutfi had made a rude comment to Lynne the night before."

Lutfi - who alleges he was Britney's manager from 2007 - also claims he had an oral agreement with the 'Womanizer' singer that he would receive 15 per cent of her earnings.

He claims the agreement was formalised via a text message Britney sent him which stated: "Sam, so that's fine, I want you to be my manager, you were right its 15 per cent of my money but for 4 years not 5."

Lutfi's lawyer Bryan J. Freedman has claimed there is "overwhelming evidence" to support the claims from independent witnesses.

Jamie's lawyers are yet to issue a comment on the lawsuit.

Britney Spears

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