Sex in the 21st century - Alternative Valentine’s

Sex in the 21st century - Alternative Valentine’s

Forget schmaltzy red roses and the sycophancies of Hallmark, Anna Millar ponders a suggestive mix of Valentine alternatives

‘Hello, is it me you’re looking for …?’ Some of the most romantic words ever written have come via the medium of song, so why not throw caution to the wind, and go all Sonny and Cher this February. Book you and yours into a recording studio for an hour and let love be your guide, whether it’s rocking out to Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ or Dolly Parton’s ‘I Will Always Love You’. The more adventurous could even pen their own personalised ditty. Check out

If that all seems a little like hard work, sit back and let the professionals entertain you. On Sat 14 Feb, two of Scotland’s finest, poet Liz Lochhead and musician Carol Laula, will present a love-in courtesy of The National Library of Scotland with ‘Forgot Mysel: Scotch Passion with Liz Lochhead and Carol Laula’. Lochhead will read from a selection of her own poems, while jazz singer Carol Laula will perform love songs. Guests are also invited to check out the library’s more romantic offerings, including the original manuscript of Robert Burns’ great love song, ‘Ae Fond Kiss’. Call 0131 622 4807 or e-mail

If that’s all a little timid, check out the Edinburgh branch of Doctor Sketchy's Anti-Art School who are running a (fake)blood-soaked Eat Your Heart Out event on Sat 7 Feb in the Jazz Bar.

If you fancy keeping things a bit closer to home, Coco de Mer, the erotic boutique run by Anita Roddick's daughter Sam, has recently launched their activist wing Bondage For Freedom. Buy the silky blindfold and restraints kit from their website and all proceeds will go towards campaigning for freedom in Burma and to benefit trafficked women (

If you've still got a bit of money to spend and can get yourself down to London, Killing Kittens run 'experiences' which have been described as being 'a bit like ‘an adult Jim'll Fix It'. Whether you and your partner want to shoot your own, professional quality sexy movie, or get yourself involved in an erotic kidnap scenario, (they might even let you play a superhero!) they'll fix it for you (
Alternatively, if you want to avoid the obligatory smug couples, head straight for All Bar One, who this year have teamed up with upcoming romcom, He’s Just Not That Into You, with a selection of deals, games and a prize draws.

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