Gaming round-up: February 2009

Gaming round-up: February 2009

February is an exciting month for game releases with a host of big titles due to hit the shops so here’s a round up of some of the most exciting prospects.

First up is Rise of the Argonauts, a combat heavy role-playing game which will send you on an adventure through Greek mythology. Taking on the role of hero, Jason, you’ll put together a team of Argonauts and embark on a variety of quests, facing various magical beasts and demons in your struggle to revive your fallen wife. It is due to be released on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on the 6th.

For all you first-person shooter junkies the second instalment of F.E.A.R, subtitled Project Origin is due out on the 13th. You’ll play as the psychic Michael Beckett and the game promises to be a scary experience with plenty of shooting action. It will be released for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC and it picks up the story from a new angle half an hour before the end of the original game.

On the 20th is one of the most hotly anticipated PC releases of the year as The Sims 3 comes out. It promises deeper personalities for individual Sims, an open neighbourhood environment, a greater level of customisation for your interior design and architecture and a host of other improvements to the long running series.

Also on the 20th is the latest instalment in perhaps the most popular beat ‘em up series ever released. That’s right Street Fighter IV is about to kick and punch its way into your living room. This isn’t just another graphical makeover for Street Fighter II it is an entirely new game and your old favourites will be joined by a range of new characters. Everything will be rendered in stylised 3D and the game promises new special moves and game-play. It is being released on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Towards the end of the month due to be released on the 27th there is Silent Hill Homecoming which is part six in the series and previews have been less than glowing about this creepy title which will be available for PS3, Xbox 360 or PC. There’s also Halo Wars on the Xbox 360, which is a real time strategy game based in the Halo universe and finally the much hyped Killzone 2 which is a PS3 exclusive and looks set to be a highly successful first-person shooter.

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