Desire Lines

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  • 5 February 2009
Desire Lines

Edinburgh University’s Talbot Rice Gallery is closing for refurbishment and has invited various artists to choose a public site on campus in which to create work that reaches out to students, staff and the public. The gallery will produce a guide to orientate visitors around the works, which include wall paintings, sculpture, and photography. Participating artists include Miranda Blennerhassett (whose ‘Corbusier’ is pictured above) as well as Alec Finlay, Iain Kettles, Chad McCail and Ellen Munro.

Edinburgh University Campus, Sat 14 Feb–Sat 20 Jun.

Desire Lines

Talbot Rice Gallery is branching out of its usual setting and has invited a selection of artists (Miranda Blennerhassett, Alec Finlay, Oliver Godow, Iain Kettles, Chad McCail, Ellen Munro) to create artworks across the University campus while the gallery is closed for refurbishments.


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