Mike Bones - A Fool for Everyone (4 stars)

Mike Bones - A Fool for Everyone



On first glance Mike Bones seems like a right miserable bastard. Opening his debut album with a protruding, protracted moan/mourn called ‘Today The Word is Worthy of My Loathing’, he sets his agenda for upside-down smiles galore. Persevere though and the oddly beguiling approach of Dinosaur Jr playingTindersticks songs in the style of Bright Eyes isn’t such a hard idea to swallow.

The beanpole twentysomething New Yorker trades in deadpan existential miserablism, sounding bookish but confident rather than aloof and cynical. Lyrically, he trades in similarly bittersweet minutae to American Music Club’s Mark Eitzel, and as he props a jacket under the head of a drunk before launching into a wirey Wire-like two-note guitar solo on the immaculate ‘Give Up On Guitars’, it suddenly dawns that he may be onto something pretty damn special here.

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