Dolphin Boy - Vertical Variations Vol. 1 (3 stars)

Dolphin Boy - Vertical Variations Vol. 1

(Vertical Records)


Folk and club culture have been mixing and (sometimes mis-) matching for a while now, with the late Martyn Bennett as chief pioneer and figurehead of the enterprise. Edinburgh DJ Dolphin Boy, otherwise known as Andy Levy, acknowledges Martyn’s prodigious influence, and dedicates this disc of contemporary mixes of songs and instrumental tracks culled from the Vertical Records catalogue to his memory.

That said, he takes his own approach to the music, drawing on his experience of working with various luminaries on the Scottish folk scene. He finds an agreeable balance in maintaining the essential qualities of the originals while investing the new mixes with enough of a club feel to attract that audience. Instrumental selections include Aidan O’Rourke’s ‘Bah Hamburg’, Harem Scarem’s ‘Slippery’ and Ainslie Henderson’s ‘Break’, while songs by Roisin Elsafty, James Grant and Alyth McCormack – just plain Alyth these days – also get the treatment.

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