Bruce Springsteen - Working on a Dream (3 stars)

Bruce Springsteen - Working on a Dream



While the chicken or the egg quandary remains the very definition of evolutionary conundrums, we can only assume that Bruce Springsteen’s return to a more conventional, accessible rock format and the unquenchable enthusiasm for left leaning, clean sheet politicking in the United States of Obama are purely coincidental. Even if that’s the case, the title, Working on a Dream, could have been lifted straight from one of Jon Favreau’s many speeches for the new president.

Records of introspection and musical archaeology – Devils and Dust and The Seeger Sessions respectively – have dominated his 00s output but this record has him embracing his rock. The E Street Band provide polite, if expansive backing for his widescreen tales of Americana, drawing in thoughts of everyone from Tom Petty to the Beach Boys. There’s several incongruous moments of style over substance here too, but like Obama, he has the weight of the people to power this on through.

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

The Boss and his fabulous ram jam E Street Band on their The River tour.

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