Lost Robots - No (4 stars)

Lost Robots - No

(The Orchestra Pit Recording Company)


No. Or yes if you’ve an ear for moody, noodly, semi-improvisational soundscapes. If you haven’t, then you’ll think this debut no more than a racket. However, those attracted to more esoteric aural adventures will be rewarded. ‘Beryllium Murmer’ sounds like a bunch of drunken monks speaking in tongues backwards, while ‘Prague Spring’ suggests a Swiss clockmaker spontaneously deciding to become a musician halfway through repairing a timepiece.

Elsewhere, there are firmer flirtations with rhythm and melody, on the serene ‘Old Iron Van’ and riotous climax ‘Safety From Numbers’. Generated on strings, percussion and reeds, computers, toys and small instruments in basements and dining rooms by London-based humans, apparently.

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