Labels of Love - T.I.M.s

Labels of Love - T.I.M.s

Welcome to a new showcase for tasty new labels. This issue, Edinburgh’s T.I.M.s

Brainchild of the ex-Soho songwriter, producer of Add N to (X) and all round off-the-wall pop creative Timothy London, T.I.M.s (Tim’s International Mobogram service) is a ‘pop experiment’ dedicated to releasing singles and remixes in a way that ensures all readies go to the artists. Timothy explains …

A ‘pop experiment’ you say?
‘Now that manufacturing and distribution have been taken from the hands of purely profit driven companies it should be possible for musicians who believe in their music to make it available to everyone with a computer and web connection, via companies like TuneCore and Rawrip who pass on 100% of the money they collect from online stores.’

What’s unique about T.I.M.s?
‘The point is not to promote the artist so much as the track, putting it into the market, sending it into space where it might fall right back into the planet’s atmosphere, burning up on re-entry, or, alternatively, keep moving further into space, being discovered and re-discovered for years to come. Pop songs should have the same element of joy and danger as a top deck full of teenage schoolgirls at 4pm.’

What sort of stuff has T.I.M.s put out so far?
‘Flight 210’ by Timothy London featuring Simba (‘basically an Afro/Japanese disaster story for Xmas’) and ‘Dirty Disco Sex Bitch/Spermatazoa (Tim London Remix)’ by The Gussets (‘Edinburgh’s premier post-post-punk all female group’, see page 71). In the next month London will have two releases out via T.I.M.s. ‘(I Wonder What Happens) When You Die?’ featuring Jack Snakerider and ‘Meanwhile On Planet Earth’ featuring Mikey Mike MC on the Mic.

Where are the goodies at?
‘The label has no online presence beyond the tracks – the idea is that they speak for themselves.’ You can buy them at all the main online music stores, and also on the portable Raw Stores on the artists’ MySpace and Facebook profiles. ‘They just need to be reviewed, listened to, passed on and enjoyed.’

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