The Relentless Kerrang! Tour 2009 (3 stars)

The Relentless Kerrang! Tour 2009

Barrowland, Glasgow, Tue 27 Jan


There’s always a surprise or two at this annual showcase of musical ingenuity. Some hit, some miss. This year was a fairly even split.

What do you need? Howling, taut, ingenious rock shapes? Come see the mighty In Case of Fire, a short, sharp wake up call to the Barrowland. Black Tide were unashamed entertainers, drawing evenly from Metallica and Iron Maiden with a bit of Bon Jovi showmanship thrown in, this quartet of yank teens made stomping riffs simple. Young, dumb and fun.

The antithesis of Dir En Grey then, Japan’s hottest export who bring overwrought epic swathes that never seem to excite as much as they hope. They have splashes of virulent thrash dynamics, just none of the grooves.

The no show of Bring Me the Horizon leads us into Jimmy Urine and His Mindless Self Indulgence. The comedy Marilyn Manson tag only goes part the way, MSI’s sound is part happy hardcore stomp, part rockabilly shuffle fronted by an emo reworking of Eminem. Not without charm, this is music to soundtrack teen hedonism. Delirious and occasionally delightful.

Mindless Self Indulgence, Bring Me the Horizon, Dir en Grey, Black Tide and In Case of Fire

  • 3 stars

The New York-based industrial techno-punks headline the Kerrang! Relentless Energy Drink Tour 2009.

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