As all parents of school-aged children know, finding out what happened to them during the day can be akin to pulling teeth – and that’s when you actually see them. For working parents who arrive home post-bedtime, keeping yourself informed can be a tricky business, as Zarrar Chishti discovered one day, when a strange new certificate appeared on his son, Yahyaa’s bedroom wall.

‘My son won a maths award at school,’ he explains. ‘And I didn’t know about it until two weeks later, which really got to me. He was so happy about it, but because I had a lot of work on at the time, it wasn’t until I noticed the certificate that I found out.’ As managing director of Glasgow-based games development company, T-Enterprise Chishti soon found a solution to the problem – a website connecting children and parents.

At www.2dayatschool.com parents can register their e-mail address, then each day after they’ve finished school, children can log-on and report back. Having filled in a series of questions (‘Did you have a good day?’, ‘What lessons did you have?’) children can then play a number of fun games designed by T-Enterprise. Best of all, it’s absolutely free.

‘Now I get an e-mail every day at about 4.15,’ says Chishti. ‘Which is the whole reason I’ve done this. My son can’t get to the games until he answers the questions, so he always fills them in. It’s not the only way to talk and I don’t want my son spending lots of time on it. But it’s great to receive the e-mails each day, and when I’m 60 I can re-read them all because I’m storing them in an archive.’

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