Russell Brand

Russell Brand

SECC, Sat 14 & Sun 15 Feb


With Jonathan Ross back on the box and Russell Brand returning to our stages with the merest of minor tabloid outrage, it seems that the Sachsgate furore has at last subsided. Some Radio 2 heads may have rolled but the key characters can now get back to what they do best; heck, even Andrew Sachs got a seat on the shiny new Countdown while his gothy granddaughter presumably slinked back to her life as part of the Satanic Sluts.

In 2006, Brand told The List that doing stand-up gave him ‘an incredible sense of relief and release and a sense of homecoming. I’m in a relationship with an audience without anything impeding me and I’m at my happiest there, above all else in my life.’ He also stated that his shows have become his ‘right to reply’ to the banner headlines and the scurrilous gossip. So, little surprise then that his new show Scandalous keeps the story rumbling along with a remorseless, screened replaying of the incident with Mozart’s Requiem blasting away in the background. ‘Je Ne Regrette Rien’ might have made a good closing number. What will be more interesting further down the line is how Brand’s stand-up takes shape were he to avoid any newspaper nonsense in the next year and a half. Or maybe this is simply what fuels his muse now that he’s done his ‘drug hell years’ to death. Russell Brand is not the messiah. He’s just a very naughty boy.

Russell Brand: The Messiah Complex

The loverfella with the upwardly-mobile hair struts around the world on his first global tour. This time he's looking at the idea of a Messiah Complex and dissecting historical and social figures to psychoanalyse them in his loquacious way. Plus, he'll talk about sex. And maybe the necessity of revolution.


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