Slabs of the Tabernacle

Slabs of the Tabernacle

Twisted Wheel, Glasgow, Sat 7 Feb


‘It’s not that we don’t want to book bigger-name DJs and artists,’ says Slabs of the Tabernacle DJ and co-promoter Andrew Ingram, ‘but we just can’t afford them. So our club’s the way it is for financial reasons as much as anything else.’ Which isn’t an indictment of the Slabs experience, or an admission that those involved do things by half – for ten months now, the club has brought an impressive array of under the radar and grassroots DJs and live artists to Glasgow from around the UK and Europe.

That roster continues this month with Turin’s passEnger and xluve, a seemingly capital letter-phobic duo who have been approved by Laurent Garnier, Convextion and ‘Mad’ Mike Banks and who stir up old memories for the Slabs team. ‘Everyone involved in the night is a big fan of Detroit techno,’ says Ingram, ‘so we all love this pair. Of course they’re from nowhere near Detroit, but you wouldn’t know it to listen to them.’

The duo are joining an eclectic line-up of previous guests, who include Rotterdam’s Mark du Mosch (of Moustache Records, who will be back at Slabs for a showcase night later this year), Glasgow’s Fancy and Spook, and Ali Renault of Heartbreak fame. Ingram credits the widely varied tastes he shares with fellow promoters Johnny Hunter, Joel Shaw and Brian d’Souza (the latter of whom used to run Edinburgh’s Pogo Vogue, amongst others) for Slabs’ pic’n’mix nature. ‘We all like techno, some of us disco, some of us Italo; it means that the club can be something entirely different each month, depending on the guest we have.’

Slabs of the Tabernacle

Exploring the realms of disco, Italo, house, techno and beyond with Andrew Ingram, Brian d'Souza and the Slabs team.

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