Friday Night Takeaway

Friday Night Takeaway


Sandra Marron talks to the heads behind Friday Night Takeaway, an electric night of electronica raising funds for Oxjam

Miranda Ralston and Angie Koorbanally believe that Friday nights are where it’s at clubbing wise. The duo, both Arches employees and Octopussy and Death Disco workers, are the brains behind Friday Night Takeaway, a one-off night in conjunction with Oxjam that aims to bring together the cream of Glasgow DJ talent for a bumper musical party. Ralston is keen to shed some tongue-in-cheek light on the technical thought process behind the night. ‘Whenever I’m out, and usually drunk, I come up with wee ideas that I write in my phone, and this is one of the few that have actually come to fruition. The idea is that we are taking a little bit from the rest of Glasgow’s best club-nights and putting it in the Arches,’ she jokes.

The very non-genre specific musical helpings should be extremely refreshing. Nights like hard house cornerstone Inside Out joining forces with both Monox and Colours at one time may have been viewed by some as daring and risky, but to see the likes of techno master Dan Monox and Colours resident Michael Paterson go head-to-head on one bill is an exciting piece of programming. Joining them is Inside Out’s newest female resident AUK, otherwise known as the afore-mentioned Korbanally, who is keen to push this type of aural experience. ‘People do have much wider musical appetites, if you like, which is reflected in the genre crossovers you see in the charts today. So, as a result, clubs are also responding to this.’

The all star line-up also includes Hum+Haw’s Jim Hutchison who along with Alex Smoke is responsible for some of the finest techno and electro to grace a Glasgow label in years, the brilliant Pro Vinylist Karim whose mix of dancefloor gems spans hip hop, disco, house and dub, Sunday Circus spinner Affi Koman, Noodle’s Tricky and Sebrof Divad of Teknika. Their musical expertise is both varied and versatile so expect sounds like garage, funk, dub, grime, electro, techno, trance, house and practically anything else you can think shake a stick at. While there are no specific plans to repeat the night as yet, the girls are open to the idea, if numbers are positive, believing the night has longevity as long as they keep putting on quality line-ups.

The gig is being run as part of the Oxjam series. Oxjam is a selfless and quite frankly genius way of raising money for Oxfam in order to tackle poverty all over the world. Like many other Scottish Oxjam fundraising events, by attending you’ll be helping people to earn a living, get an education, gain better access to health care and fresh water and to grow more food. Ralston heard about Oxjam a couple of years ago and is not only a fan of what it does for charity but also how it brings local talent together. ‘It’s amazing how you can put things together for almost nothing, especially at a time like this. Everything about the night is local, from DJs to production. We have Kevin Eadie from RFM doing the sound and Scott McDonald doing the lights and visuals. These guys are both renowned and work with all the big guns but they are doing the gig for nothing.’ So come on kids, dig deep and show your support.

Friday Night Takeaway at The Arches, Glasgow, Fri 6 Feb.

Friday Night Takeaway

A mixed night of techno and electronica from an array of Glasgow DJs, with Jim Hutchinson (Hum+Ha), AUK (Inside Out), Affi Koman (Sunday Circus), Dan Monox, Pro Vinylist Karim (Dress 2 Sweat) and Sebrof Divad (Teknika). All profits go to Oxjam.

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