Duncan Sarkies - Two Little Boys (4 stars)

Duncan Sarkies - Two Little Boys

(John Murray)


Flight of the Conchords fans will take delight in this dark, twisted and idiotically funny novel from fellow Kiwi Duncan Sarkies, a sometime writer on that show. When the feckless Nige knocks down a Norwegian backpacker, he calls his best mate Deano for help. But dismembering and disposing a backpacker is just backdrop for the real drama of their on-again, off-again, somewhat creepy friendship. Divided into prose from both characters, their differing perspectives contrast in hilarious and heart-rending ways. Deano, who has convinced himself that he isn’t gay, is insanely possessive over Nige, whereas Nige is too hapless to do anything about it.

The ultra dry humour relishes in making the mundane significant, toasted sandwiches become subject of tears of rage, and emotional blackmail is as subtle as a rotting corpse. Yet their hopelessness is somehow endearing and with skewed logic Deano and Nige become unlikely characters to root for.

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