Darin Strauss - More Than It Hurts You (3 stars)

Darin Strauss - More Than It Hurts You



If you’re in the mood for a brisk, entertaining read, More Than It Hurts You isn’t it. If your interests lie in the inner workings of individuals and relationships, however, this is an in-depth study of exactly that. Josh, Dori, and their son, Zack, appear happy until a visit to casualty leads to Dori being suspected of having Munchhausen’s Syndrome by Proxy. Zack is taken into care and legal proceedings follow while Josh ponders Dori’s innocence and the doctor has her professional and personal conduct questioned.

While not hard going, exactly, the novel pointedly raises issues of medical ethics, social responsibility, race and media manipulation. Strauss allows hardly a plot point to pass without milking it for his debate. Though the issues are interesting, it’s a slightly heavy-handed approach that gives the impression of informing us what to think rather than leaving us to draw our own conclusions from the story.

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