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  • 13 March 2007

Also Released

Brett Anderson Brett Anderson (Drowned in Sound) Debut solo venture from the former Suede daddy has glints of his former glories but is, well, like Suede without the fun, glam bits, so fairly hard work for the most part.

RJD2 The Third Hand (XL) For some reason we had him pinned as a dour hip hop head but he is actually somewhere between Jimi Tenor and Beck: tongue-in-cheek po’boy soul.

Mr Hudson and the Library Tale of Two Cities (Mercury) Another oddball this one: claims to be Cole Porter meets Dizee Rascal but is more like The Divine Comedy going hip hop with a bit of a surreal, skanking edge. It’s a bit odd at first but it works. The same thing was said about The Streets five years ago and look where he ended up . . .

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