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There’s good and bad to be found in every country, and so as not to waste too much of your precious time let’s just concentrate on the music for the time being . . . So for every Super Furry Animals in Wales there is a Kelly Jones, in Ireland an Ash and a Daniel O’Donnell, and England, well, one minute it’s Klaxons and the next it’s freakin’ Enter Shikari. Horrid. Our fair nation has, of course, always been blessed musically, with the odd minor blips here and there (the less said about Wet Wet Wet the better) and although in this rundown of singles and downloads from the local band scene there’s nothing quite as bad as Pellow and chums, a few make a fair stab at it.

The Gems’ ‘Automatic Pusher Life’ (Hijacked Records) (1 Star) is an unoriginal scrappy slice of lad rock which proves that Oasis still have a lot to answer for. And then there’s Serpico whose debut single ‘Save Me’ (Demo) (2 Stars) divulges an unashamed love of Editors and Mansun, which can never be a good thing. Don’t even get me started on The Libertines wannabes - thanks to the success of The Fratellis and The View they seem to be ten-a-penny these days, and so we’re left with efforts like the ‘Plenty More Where These Came From Sessions’ (Demo) by The Shakes and Acute Riot’s Riot Eyes’ (Framingo); a track as embarrassingly try-hard as the name would suggest.

On the plus side, it would seem that the modern Scottish music scene is as diverse as ever from the frantic electro thrash of DanceLazarus Dance whose ‘Songs Number One’ (Demo) (4 Stars) is an adrenaline shot in the arm of even the most cynical music fan, to the captivating lilt of ‘Songs Ya Bass’ (Hackpen Records) (4 Stars) by Dumb Instrument and The Clicks’ punchy girl/boy surf punk ‘Pain Editor’ (Demo) (4 Stars) . For those who prefer their guitars a little heavier there’s always the latest Alamos offering as ‘Silly Icarus, But You Can’t Really Blame Him For Trying’ (Pet Piranha) (4 Stars) finds the fiery and ferocious outfit on top form yet again, riffs weaving and screaming all over the place.

Yet it’s the final few releases which prove we’re making some of the most innovative musical creations for miles, kicking off with dapper Glasgow foursome Bricolage and their second offering ‘Looting Takes The Waiting Out Of Wanting’ (Fantastic Plastic) (4 Stars) which boasts sunny harmonies, handclaps and ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ in all the right places. Edinburgh outfit The Magnificents also return with a stunning EP ‘Oo Oo’ (KFM Records) (5 Stars) ; a dark, synth-driven atmospheric singalong which will stick in your head for weeks. However, both these acts are pipped to the post for Single Of The Fortnight by Sixpeopleaway (pictured); an unassuming-looking Glasgow-based chap whose ‘Providence’ (Demo) (5 Stars) single builds from stunningly beautiful vocals and clipped beats to a sumptuous string-tinged masterpiece. Genuinely heartfelt and utterly inventive - you can’t ask for much more than that.

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