Exposure: Passion Pit

Exposure: Passion Pit

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead

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Penning a song for your girlfriend on Valentines Day – the dictionary definition of a high risk/high reward scenario. Setting the bar impossibly high is Michael Angelakos, a songwriter from Cambridge, Massachusetts who did just this, and now finds himself touring the world performing his romantic endeavours. The collective outfit putting these songs to stage is Passion Pit, with Angelakos fronting the five-piece as they descend on the Captain's Rest later this month.

Despite the filthy moniker, the songs are sugar-sweet and have their hearts pinned firmly to their collective sleeves. One can only assume that the name derives from orgiastic responses to their live shows, such as they are. The thought of bearded cherub Angelakos yelping his brittle refrains - 'Rampunzel! Rampunzel! Let down your hair!' - through a club PA does quicken the pulse, especially if the live band can replicate the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink twee chaos of their EP. There's a full-length release in the works late 2009 too, so expect some new songs to be road-tested amongst the Chunk of Change material.

Within the above bracket, the music is pretty wide-ranging. Songs wash between passages of warbled, pitch-shifted vocals to tinny disco ditties, all soaked in serotonin and performed with a total lack of self-consciousness. This is the same gleeful abandon that saw MGMT to the top of the buzz-heap seven months ago. It's playful without being experimental, and the emotional honesty of the lyrics should render any gig a dangerously authentic love-in. Dispel the inevitable post-Valentines lull, and treat yourself.

Feb 26 Captains Rest Glasgow


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