Records - Pomegranate (3 stars)


The Thrill of Fresh Paint (Integral Records)


With a background in futuristic theatre productions and distant cinematic electronica, Pomegranate (duo Stef McGlinchey and Vanessa Rigg) certainly know how to put a layered, nocturnal soundscape or two together (not for nowt is the final track named ‘Idreamasound’). Whether this is enough to justify the linkage of ‘fresh paint’ and ‘thrill’ in the disc’s title is a moot point.

Crouched somewhere between dreamy and soporific, the dozen tracks here offer a few unearthed diamonds (the Massive Attacky ‘Underground Saint’ and the nursery rhyme simplicity of ‘Nests’) but the majority should leave you feeling rather irritated. Like early Cocteaus but with a spring in its step, most of Pomegranate’s third album stumbles haphazardly towards a vague notion of gorgeous imperfection.

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