Exposure: xvectors

Exposure: xvectors

xvectors - Bigger Cages, Longer Chains

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Like to dance to so-called dance music? Feel like the current musical environment it letting you down? Make your own! Back in 2003, that’s exactly what Rory, David, Paul and Jon did - and they’ve been doing so ever since. Not only did this Edinburgh four-some succeed in creating such music - the funky sounds they did generate will surely get you moving too. No capital letters here, xvectors are a rule unto their own with a custom blend of music.

What is the history behind the xvectors?
We've been going since some time in 2003. At that time live music in and around Edinburgh was dull for us. We wanted to dance but dance music was losing its way and guitar music was really dull - so we started doing it ourselves. At the time, trying to combine guitars and dance music was not common, I don't think The Rapture and DFA had really taken off yet, so we were doing something totally different to anyone else. In 2003 an all-lowercase band name was also revolutionary - The X-factor did not exist then either.

What have you guys been up to since the release of Now Is The Winter Of Our Discotheque?
We have tried to spend the time focusing on what we really want to do. We could have gone down the route of churning out post-punk-funk like so many other bands, but instead we decided to try and not be so boring. We hooked up with a label and have recorded an album called Time & Lies but a sequence of disasters meant that it's uncertain what's happening on that front.

Where will 2009 take you?
2009 will see us doing what we always do. We seem to drift in and out of fashion on a regular basis. New rave, punk-funk, indie-disco, have all picked up on us but then been compromised by idiots who don't appreciate what dance music is all about. We are looking into releasing more stuff this year though.

You supported the Klaxons back in 2007, how was that experience?
Fun. Our van was the same size as the fuel tank on their tour-bus!

You mention Phillip K Dick as an influence, how much do non-musical elements influence your music?
We have all become who we are through music, films, books, comics, TV, games, places, people, etc. it seems natural to us that these things influence our music. Not that we are artists or anything, but would you ask the same question of a writer? They wouldn't just list other books as their influences - that wouldn't surprise you. (Good point guys) If other music is the only thing that influences you, you will only come up with stuff that's emulative and formulaic. See trance and dub-step for more details.

You'd like to live on a space station, are we talking floating around like the ISS or artificial gravity like 2001: A Space Odyssey (HAL optional)?
We are fans of creature comforts, so gravity is a must. The desire to live in the future and to escape from a world that disappoints us is what prompted us to say we wanted to live in a space station. The ISS is the product of the here and now, not an alternative to them. We'll give the homicidal computer a miss; we spend enough time battling with our laptops as it is.

xvectors play Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, 31 Jan.

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