Records - Take a Worm For a Walk Week (3 stars)

Take a Worm For a Walk Week

Take a Worm For a Walk Week (Midmarch Records)


Far from sitting on the fence TAWFAWW choose to unceremoniously hack down the fence, stamp it into little pieces, collect it up and feed it to a pack of hungry dogs. Well, that’s what it sounds like. To be honest this sounds like chaos, but like most extreme music - and this is brutal and heavy like it should be - this is an incredibly disciplined barrage of noise, which, despite the anarchy, fits into the noise rock category pretty succinctly, obeying all the rules of start/stop/bewildering time changes/howled vocals archetype. That said, there are some flurries of innovation and you imagine this record is merely an advert for one of the most disturbingly good live shows you’ll see all year.

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