Records - The Aliens (4 stars)

The Aliens

Astronomy for Dogs (Pet Rock Records)


After two songs of the Aliens’ debut long player (an outdated description, but at 72 minutes, a justified one), you might be praying for invasion by some little green ones to take you away from it all. The hackneyed and tuneless 60s funk psychedelia of ‘Setting Sun’ and ‘Robot Man’ is thankfully abducted by some adorable, soulful, epic and quirksome numbers including the honeyed ‘Tomorrow’, the closure to ‘Only Waiting’ of rampaging, post-apocalyptic horses accompanied by a quasi-Brass Eye theme and the mournful ‘She Don’t Love Me’ are worth the admission price alone.

Created by two quarters of the Beta Band and one Lone Pigeon, Astronomy for Dogs will have you howling at the moon and chomping at the bit for much, much more. Truly cosmic.

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