Russell Brand to quit sex

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  • 26 January 2009
Russell Brand

Russell Brand to quit sex

Russell Brand - who claims to sleep with three women a day - is planning to give up sex

Russell Brand is planning to give up sex.

The 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' star - who has previously battled addiction to alcohol and heroin - says he is getting bored of meaningless sexual encounters and is considering curbing his womanising ways in order to make himself happier.

He told America's GQ magazine: "If I'm to find any true happiness I have to devote myself to something bigger than my own ego.

"I'm really getting tired of materialism. I don't reckon I've got more than two or three years. I've burned out drugs. I'm burning out sex. I don't even know what I'm doing yet. I'm not ready. I've got to be in a position where they can't go, 'Didn't he f**k* that stripper? Didn't he go to that lap-dancing club?'

"There can't be any of that around. That's all got to go - until I'm in a position where I can say, 'Look I'm celibate, I'm a vegan. All I do is meditate, come out and do stand-up comedy and make films.' "

The British comedian claims he currently sleeps with up to three women a day.

When asked how many girls he sleeps with in a month, he replied: "Work out how many days and, here's a simple rule, triple it.

"I love sex. I've a very addictive personality, and it's very easy for me to get compulsive about anything sensual."

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