Kate Hudson's double dream

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  • 25 January 2009
Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson's double dream

Kate Hudson - who is divorced from Black Crowes rocker Chris Robinson - would like to have a double wedding

Kate Hudson would like to have a double wedding.

The 'Bride Wars' actress, who is divorced from Black Crowes rocker Chris Robinson, is currently single but still dreams of sharing her next big day with her best friend.

She said: "I think a double wedding would be great. The more fun we'll have, the bigger the party, the bigger the ballroom. In reallife I'm like, 'I don't even know if I want to get married.' But the idea of sharing your day with your friend is kind of cool."

Kate recently insisted the most important part of a wedding was the bar, explaining nuptials are more fun if there is an endless supply of alcohol.

Giving her advice to couples preparing to marry, she said: "Number one, make sure you're ready to get married, that you're really sure you want to do this.

"And number two, I would say really good placement of the bar! At a wedding you want to have a good time. Have special cocktails that are really fun for people."

Kate, 29, stars alongside Anne Hathaway in new romantic comedy 'Bride Wars', which tells the story of two friends forced to compete after discovering they have booked their weddings on the same day, in the same location

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