Exposure: Mitchell Museum

Exposure: Mitchell Museum

Mitchell Museum - Take The Tongue Out

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With no ‘Do Not Touch’ signs in sight, Mitchell Museum are one museum you’re going to have a hell of a time going to see. With Cammy MacFarlane on keyboard and lead vocals, Dougie Kennedy on guitar, Kris Ferguson on bass and a man known simply as Raindeer banging the drums, Mitchell Museum provide us with a fusion on fascinating sounds to excite your aural senses. After an incredible first year they hope to go from strength to strength in 2009 and possibly get some free curry along the way.

What was the catalyst that made you want to form Mitchell Museum?

It all began at a New Years Eve party at the end of 2007. The four of us have always been friends and have played in bands, but we'd never been in the same band. The party was at Dougie’s. We'd all had a bit to drink and just as the bells were about to ring Raindeer crawled up to the piano in the living room. The next thing we knew he was banging his fists on the piano keys. Dougie, Kris, and myself ran up to Raindeer to pull him away from the piano for fear that he was going to damage it. But before we could, he started pounding out a strange but quite tuneful melody. Suddenly I was singing, Dougie was playing his guitar, and Kris was hammering at a near by gas canister (why the gas canister was there we still don't know). We played this odd spontaneous song for about 10 minutes. People seemed to enjoy it, so we decided that we should try and make a band together. That song still exists in our set today - but it only lasts 2 and a half minutes now.

How was your first year as a band?

We've had a fantastic year. We seem to have done so much. We played our first ever festival at Wickerman, got named King Tut's Artist Of The Month, spoke to Steve Lamacq over the phone on live radio, and discussed Pot Noodles with Marc Riley. It really has been an incredible year.

Being named King Tut's 'Your Sound' Artist of the Month back in November must have been a great experience?

It was a great experience, and a bit of a surprise. We'd all enjoyed the Your Sound event on the day and felt that it had been well worth going to. We were about to leave before we were named Artist Of The Month. We had our jackets on and were about to head for home. Raindeer went over to the other side of King Tut's to thank the organisers for inviting us to the event. We couldn't hear what was being said, but we saw Raindeer shaking hands and then, as he turned around to come back to us we could see he had a weird smile on his face. When he told us that they'd named us artist of the month we couldn't believe it. We'd all forgotten about the Artist Of The Month part of Your Sound (I think mostly because we didn't expect them to choose us). We're really glad they did choose us though! It's really helped build our confidence as band and opened a lot of doors for us.

How important do you think events like 'Your Sound' are to new bands?

I think events like Your Sound are extremely important. It would be fair to say that Your Sound has really given Mitchell Museum a real kick-start. It's a great way meet so many important people in the music industry. I would definitely recommend attending the event to all new bands. It's a tremendous networking opportunity.

After such an impressive first year, where do you see 2009 taking you?

We did Vic Galloway’s first live session of 2009 on his Radio Scotland show - that's a pretty good start. I would like 2009 to take us to Manchester to do another session for Marc Riley. We played some songs on his radio 6 show last year. He was brilliant. Really funny, really supportive and he bought us a curry. There seems to be quite a lot of people behind us just now and we're very grateful for that. We're recording our first album at the moment. Hopefully that will be finished and available to buy soon. A tour would be good…and some more curry.

Adam Stafford from Ya'll is Fantasy Island named you as a hot tip for 2009 in their Exposure interview, who would you put on your 'ones to watch' list?

That was very kind of Adam to do that. I would like to return the favour and name them as a hot tip for 2009. Ya'll is Fantasy Island are an excellent band. Their new free download ambient album Infanticidal Genuflector just shows that they can work any musical style. Those boys really know how to play their music. We're playing a gig with them next week at the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh that will be fun.

I would also like to nominate Jesus H. Foxx as a hot tip for 2009. They're a great band. They've got great songs, and they're great fun to have a party on top of a van with. They also played at the Wickerman festival last year. We ended up on top of their van having a party. I would also like to mention the band De Rosa, not as a hot tip (They're already signed to the Chemikal Underground label), but simply because I love them.

Finally, if Mitchell Museum were a movie, what would the tagline be?

‘The most UNUSUAL and INTIMATE journey into human emotions ever filmed!!!’ Ok so we stole that one from Rear Window, but in some ways it could be fitting. The follow up low rent b-movie sequels would be more along the lines of: ‘If they're not dead by dawn…they might play in tune.’

Mitchell Museum play The Oran Mor, Glasgow, 28 Jan; The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, 29 Jan; Twisted Wheel, Glasgow, 19 Feb; Nice n Sleazys, Glasgow, 28 Feb.

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