Black Keys, The - album review (3 stars)

The Black Keys

Magic Potion (V2)


When The White Stripes’ take on garage minimalism went global it fucked over a whole bunch of duos pushing their own bottled blues moonshine. With four long players under their snake belts now the Jack’n’Meg comparisons are like water off a drunk’s back as they indulge their deviation on the devotional south. Their songs twist and turn, conjuring up the sounds of the bejewelled godheads of 70s rock as much as any toothless bluesman; Magic Potion is sticky, base and soulful. The simplicity of the drums and guitar assault leave songs room to break, lurch about or generally just stew in their own juices.

The Black Keys

Bluesy garage licks a-go-go from Akron, Ohio, birthplace of the Cramps' Lux Interior, so it must be something in the local reservoir. Something fossilised by the sounds of the Keys' anachronistic sound.

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