Records - Unkle Bob (4 stars)

Unkle Bob

Sugar and Spite (Friendly Sounds)


Like the newest member of an inbred family, Unkle Bob’s debut album has numerous musical baby daddies. Like Snow Patrol they formed in Scotland; like Keane they are prone to stirring emotional anthems and singer Rick Webster’s voice performs angsty minor key melodramatics à la Tom McRae. Add in some kookier genetic material from Belle & Sebastian and the result ranges from the Gary Barlow-ish effort ‘Birds and Bees’ to the fingerpickin’ joy of current single ‘Put a Record On’, peaking with the sweet desperation that is ‘The Hit Parade’. Luckily this many-headed bastard child has turned out to be the prodigal son. Best at its weirdest, Bob’s your Unkle’s daddy’s son. Or something.

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