Records - The Cinematics (3 stars)

The Cinematics

A Strange Education (TVT Records)


Well, here’s a band with an identity crisis. On the one hand, Glasgow quartet The Cinematics clearly have a knack for crafting catchy wee pop gems, the unashamed Britpop forays that are ‘Sunday Sun’ and ‘Chase’ being stacked to the gills with breezy hooks and melodies. On the other, the group are desperate to plough a field of worthiness (read: po-faced seriousness). So, while the rocking ‘Maybe Someday’ manages to out-edit Editors, tracks like ‘Human’ and ‘Keep Forgetting’ feel distinctly like the work of Editors Jr. There’s a great band in there somewhere waiting to get out, they just have to decide what sort of band they want to be.

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