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  • The Midgie
  • 1 December 2008
Arab Strap

Arab Strap

Tons of other great bands have been produced in the areas surronding Glasgow. Here are some of our favourites.

Arab Strap
Known for the dry wit of lustrously bearded singer (or mumbler) Aidan Moffat and the incessantly depressing tone of their music, they are from a small town called Falkirk, midway between Glasgow and Edinburgh. It’s famous for the Falkirk Wheel, an architectural triumph, whereas they are famous for being one of the best bands in Scotland of the late nineties post-rock scene.

BMX Bandits
This sixties-influenced pop group came from Bellshill, near Motherwell. They gained a dedicated (some would say rabid) but small global audience that still exists to this day. Along with The Soupdragons, another local band, they were associated with the C86 movement, which was named after a tape given away on the front of the NME.

Orange Juice
Widely regarded as one of the greatest Scottish bands of all time, Orange Juice came from a posh suburb called Bearsden and were responsible for a post-punk movement called the ‘Sound of Young Scotland’, which made record executives rush up from London to hear them. Their singer, Edwyn Collins, went on to have a successful solo career.

Cocteau Twins
Grangemouth is well known for the monstrous oil refinery at its heart. Odd then, that it should produce this lush, wistful pop group. The band’s singer, Liz Cocteau, went on to sing on Massive Attack’s Teardrop and also in the first episode of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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